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Our advantages

It doesn't matter whether it's cozy on the Limmat, at the Grossmünster, on the Uetliberg or at home in your room.

Thanks to our online tutoring, you can learn from anywhere.

Racy to success with web learning and over 70 tutoring coaches thanks to cheaperOnline tutoring via Zoom– from primary to university.

Learn online tutoring at home

study at home

Save time by eliminating the journey to get there.

Tutoring Zoom - screenshots and photos

Sustainable storage

Take screenshots and photos of learning content.

Book tutoring spontaneously

Book at short notice

Book up to 24 hours in advance for maximum flexibility.

Tutoring Switzerland

Additional advantages

✓ Protection concepts against pedophilia in cooperation with Pro Juventute

✓ High concentration as virtual eye contact is guaranteed at all times

✓ Fast exchange of materials via chat function

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