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Guide for Tutors

Find out here what is expected of a tutor and how online tutoring works via Zoom at WebLearning.


With the right ingredients to success

Tutoring lessons must run optimally so that the customer

can benefit as much as possible

and achieve lasting success.

The goal is tutoring

available to the general public.

The tutoring lesson takes place online

held via zoom.

This means that it can take place regardless of location –

no matter if you are on vacation

or at home in the living room.

course of the lesson

Customers can book coaches / tutors,

by making an appointmentselect from the service offered.

After a customer has selected an appointment, an email with the booking confirmation is automatically sent to the customer and the coach. The zoom link can be found in this e-mail.

which is valid for the booked tutoring lesson.

At the time when the tutoring takes place, the customer and coach only have to click on the link and get to the designated online tutoring room.


Before the tutoring session begins, the coach has the opportunity todownload files uploaded by the customer, so that he is prepared for the lesson and, if necessary, has opened the file in a desktop program in order to be able to edit it with the customer during the tutoring lesson.


Each coach has the opportunity to decide

how much he wants to earn per lesson of 55 minutes.


The platform charges the customer CHF 10 per lesson as a placement fee. This fee is paid by the customer directly on the website. The amount compensates for the administrative effort, organization, advertising, web hosting, web programming and any discussions with the customer and coaches.


The coach not only offers individual lessons, but also a 6-session and a 12-session subscription.

These are provided with a volume discount of 7 percent or 12 percent.

At the end of the month, WebLearning invoices customers on your behalf. The customers pay your fee directly to your bank account. 

visualize learning

The coach must consider at the outset

how he practices online tutoring.


Does the coach have a laptop or tablet / iPad with a touch pen function, so that he can edit the client's files using Zoom screen sharing?

Does the coach have a smartphone that he positions during the lesson in such a way that the customer has an optimal view of the printed sheets,

what the coach explains?

Are there other sensible, profitable variants?


Google calendar app

So that the coach can manage his appointments on the website,on which he is available for tutoring lessons,must have a Google account and the Google Calendar app (for iOS,for Android) feature. works out the standard working hours with the coach at the beginning of joining.

These are the times when the coach can usually offer tutoring lessons.

manage appointments

Here are instructions on how to connect Google Calendar to the website.

Example: Standard working hours MO, WED, FR each from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. These dates usually appear automatically on the website.

Unfortunately, something came up for the coach, which is why he sets up a blackout period by adding an appointment in the Google calendar app,

where he can't.

Example: Friday at 4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. the coach cannot. He adds a new appointment at this time in the Google calendar app and saves it.

Each time a customer books an appointment, that appointment will no longer be visible to other customers.

The coach must generally ensure that he manages his appointments correctly.



The submitted letter of motivation and the coach's profile picture are published on the website.

The platform owns the rights

about this data.

Should the coach leave the platform negative, 

will be banned from the platform.

The same applies if the coach entices customers away.

Our coaches are not employed by Web Learning,

so haveno employment! Web learning is only a mediation platform. The coaches willno wage statementand alsono job referencehanded out. Web learning paysno AHV/IV/EO/ALV contributions.

By using the platform, the coaches agree to this. This is also emphasized in the zoom meeting during the application phase.

More detailed information is in theTerms and Conditionsto find.

The coach has the opportunity to promote/advertise their own services.

This by clicking on his service line 

and share the link.

When there's a fire

If there are any questions, the coach can always ask the owner, Lukas Jud,

reachable by phone or email.

Phone:+41 76 701 04 71

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