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Online tutoring in mathematics

For many students, the school subject mathematics is a sticking point in their school career. Starting with the number system in the 1st grade, through the multiplication tables, to fractions in the 4th grade and the rule of three in the 6th grade. Pupils are challenged more and more as time goes on. Mathematics is one of the most important subjects in school. Mathematics can also be taken as a main subject or as a supplementary subject in Gymnasium. Web Lern offers online tutoring in mathematics.

Our tutors accompany many learners until their final exams. The learners can learn with the math tutoring online in a homely atmosphere from home with the tutor.

What are the benefits of math tutoring?

Our math tutors have extensive knowledge thanks to their studies at various universities, including the ETH. They can pass this knowledge on to the learners at the appropriate level. In online tutoring, they deal with the strengths and weaknesses of their learners. With their passion for mathematics, our teachers can help the students to improve their performance. The tutors from WebLearning help the students to successfully achieve the set goals.

Mathematics in high school and high school

Mathematics becomes more extensive in high school and high school. In math, learners can learn the Pythagorean theorem, binomial formulas, algebra and geometry. The school subject is becoming more complex and there is a greater likelihood of missing the boat. 

With the right online tutoring, the WebLearning team accompanies the learners in their learning process up to the successful final exam. This allows our students to keep up and enjoy the subject.

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