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Tutoring with Jacqueline

For many years I have supported students of different ages with private tuition. In 2015 I worked for several months in Greece in a refugee camp, running a small school within the camp and teaching children in math, English and German, as well as adults in German and English. In 2016 I worked with an NGO in Myanmar, for which I taught math, art and English to orphans. During my political studies at the University of Zurich, I wanted to continue this passion of supporting young people and therefore became part of "Students Across Borders" and "Beraber", two student organizations that connect students and families with a migration background. Through "Beraber" I was placed with a secondary school student who I helped to prepare for the Gymi exam. Through "Students Across Borders" I supported a family with a refugee background and taught their son English, French, German, biology, math and helped him find an apprenticeship at secondary level. Even after completing my bachelor's degree, I continued to support this family. I am currently helping people from all backgrounds to learn German. Supporting people and especially students in their learning process has always been important to me and has therefore been part of my life for many years.

Book me now by selecting your desired level and a suitable date.

from 39.6 francs

per 55 minutes

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